Ultralieve Treatment Gel 250ml

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Ultralieve Treatment Gel 250ml
  • Ultralieve Treatment Gel 250ml
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  • Our Ultralieve Treatment Gel has been specifically developed to conduct Ultralieve‚Äôs ultrasound waves deep into the tissue.
  • Like with any ultrasound therapy it is essential to use an ultrasound gel on the treatment area when using Ultralieve in order to reduce friction and assist in the transmission of the ultrasonic waves.
  • If the gel amount is inadequate, the effectiveness of the therapy may be reduced by up to 90%.

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  • Active Ingredients
  • Always read the label.
  • Use only as directed.
  • Carboxy Vinyl Polymer, Propylene Glycerol, Sodium Hydroxide, Methyl-P-Hydroxy Benzoate Ester, Cold Reactive Dye, Water.
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